Herp Books offer a convenient option for those wishing to part with reptile specific books they no longer need or want. Whether it is a single book, or an extensive library, we are able to offer you a hassle free opportunity to sell them. We have three different options available -

Outright Purchase

Herp Books are able to offer you an outright cash price for your book/s. This represents the most convenient option for most people.

In Store Credit

An "In Store Credit" allows you to swap your unwanted reptile books for any other books in the Herp Books range, to a pre-agreed amount. This generally yields approximately 20% more value compared to an Outright Purchase.


Selling your books through Herp Books on a commission basis represents the best way to achieve maximum sale price. We have a subscribed email list of several thousand people who have a specific interest in herpetological books at our disposal, as well as a high-traffic website and exposure at several trade expo's throughout the year. Our commission rate will be pre-arranged with you, but is generally 10-40%, depending on the value of the book.

For more information on disposing of your unwanted books, please contact Jonathan Lucas at [email protected] herpbooks.com.au

 P O Box 4252
  Springfield QLD 4300

 07 3123-5391

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