Reptiles Australasia Magazine - Volume 1 Issue 2

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Reptiles Australasia magazine was a highly anticipated, but short-lived publication that lasted only two issues. A very high quality magazine, it had an expensive retail price ($24.95) and was aimed at the experienced field herpetologist and captive keeper. It features many full-page high-resolution photographs and detailed articles. This edition features articles on -

  • Saving a Haitian Species: Ricord's Iguana
  • Photography Portfolio: Dante Fenolio
  • The Grand Cayman Blue Iguana
  • Sambas Stream Toad: Rediscovered
  • Green Tree Pythons: Observations of shed skins
  • Guatemalan Beaded Lizard as an umbrella species
  • The breeding of Pig-nosed Turtles
  • Biography: Fred Burton

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