A Guide to Australian Turtles in Captivity

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A Guide to Australian Turtles in Captivity is a full colour, 192 page book providing detailed information on all aspects of captive husbandry relating to the most commonly kept species of Australian turtles. Over 300 full colour images support General Husbandry information including pet qualities, handling methods, Housing including indoor and outdoor set-ups, water requirements, heating and lighting, Feeding and Breeding, including Artificial Incubation.

An essential overview of Health and Diseases is presented by Dr Robert Johnson BVSc MACVSc (Feline Medicine) CertZooMed BA Grad Dip Asian Studies CMAVA.

Individual species chapters profile 31 species - the Eastern Long-necked, Rankin's, Cann's, Steindachner's, Oblong, Northern Long-necked, Arnhem Land Long-necked, Broad-shelled, Macquarie River, Brisbane River, Clarence River, Emmott's, Fraser Island Short-necked, Hunter River, Krefft's, Macleay River, Sydney Basin, North-western Red-faced, Victoria River, Northern Yellow-faced, Jardine River, Worrell's, Southern Snapping, Northern Snapping, Irwin's, Bell's, Saw-shelled, Southern Saw-shelled or Dorse's, Fitzroy River, Mary River and Pig-nosed Turtles. Within each species chapter, information is presented on Description, In the Wild, Housing, Diet, Breeding, Ease of Keeping, and Availability and Distribution Maps.

The book is completed with a Glossary, Herpetological Societies, Wildlife Societies and References.

Adam Elliot. 192 pages. 2012. Softcover. ISBN - 9780987244741
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