The Garter Snakes: Evolution and Ecology

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The Garter Snakes: Evolution and Ecology includes colour plates of all species (many never previously figured in colour); extensive discussion of ecology, behavior, and captive care; and a modern key to all species as well as species-by-species summaries of the systematics and natural history of the thirty different garter snakes now recognised. Of particular interest are the descriptions of lesser-known species in Mexico.

Because interest in reptiles has grown dramatically in recent years, this comprehensive guide is designed to appeal to as wide an audience as possible-to both the professional herpetologist interested in the biology of Thamnophis and the hobbyist who wants to know more about these diverse and widespread snakes, both in the home aquarium and in the wild.

Douglas A. Rossman, Neil. B Ford and Richard A. Seigel. 336 pages. 1996. Hardcover. ISBN - 9780806128207
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