Crested Geckos in Captivity

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Crested Geckos in Captivity provides information on Rhacodactylus ciliatus, one of six species and two subspecies in the genus Rhacodactylus. In nature these wonderful robust geckos live in the mysterious forests of New Caledonia. Despite being introduced into reptile keeping in 1994, the Crested Gecko has quickly become one of the most exciting animals available to reptile hobbyists. It has proven to be a hardy species and one of the easiest to maintain and breed in captivity. Since the Crested Gecko is rapidly becoming popular with reptile enthusiasts, and many of these enthusiasts are new to the hobby, all aspects of keeping and breeding healthy specimens are presented in this book.

Robbie Hamper. 102 pages. 2007. Softcover. ISBN - 9780976733478

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