Husbandry - Lizards

Husbandry - Lizards

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An Introduction to Keeping and Breeding Australian Reptiles

A brilliant new guide that provides basic information on the captive husbandry of Australian reptiles.


Keeping and Breeding Australian Lizards

An essential guide to the captive husbandry and breeding of Australian lizards, compiled by the most well known and successful lizard breeders in Australia.


Keeping Australian Geckos

An essential title for new and experienced gecko keepers.


Keeping Bearded Dragons

A guide to the husbandry of Australian Bearded Dragons.


Keeping Blue-tongue Lizards

An essential guide to the captive husbandry of Blue Tongue Lizards.


Monitor Lizards - Natural History, Captive Care and Breeding

An essential title on the natural history, captive husbandry and breeding of all Varanids.


Crested Geckos in Captivity

An essential guide to a relatively new genera of gecko in captivity.


Stump-tailed Chameleons: Minature Dragons of the Rainforest

A complete guide to the little-known genera Brookesia and Rhampholeon, the Stump-tailed Chameleons.


A Guide to Australian Skinks in Captivity

The long awaited title by Dr Danny Brown - the most up to date husbandry guide, completely dedicated to Australian skinks.


Iguana Iguana: Guide for Successful Captive Care

Iguana Iguana is the foremost authority on the captive care of Green Iguanas.


Captive Management and Conservation of Amphibians and Reptiles

An advanced title devoted to the captive care and breeding of herpetofauna, particularly threatened species.


Iguanas: A Pictorial Guide to the Iguanas of the World

A comprehensive guide to the worlds iguanas, with particular focus on their husbandry.


Desert Lizards: Captive Husbandry and Propagation

A comprehensive title dedicated to the husbandry of desert lizards.


The Snake Ranch Guide to Reptile Care

A fresh guide to the husbandry of basic reptiles for the new keeper.


Beaded Lizards and Gila Monsters: Captive Care and Husbandry

A complete husbandry reference guide to the husbandry and breeding of Heloderms.


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