The Snake Ranch Guide to Reptile Care

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The Snake Ranch Guide to Reptile Care is a brilliant new addition to introductory husbandry guides for Australian reptile species. Designed for new keepers and children it features an abundance of photographs and easy to understand text. The contents include -

  • Introduction
  • Buying a Reptile
  • Housing
  • Building an Enclosure
  • Record Keeping
  • Feeding
  • Sloughing (shedding)
  • Bites
  • Australian Reptile Quick Facts
  • A New Era for the Hobby
  • The Pygmy Pythons (Children's, Pygmys, Spotteds, Stimson's, Banded Pygmys)
  • Medium Sized Pythons (Woma, Bredl's, Inlands, Jungles, Darwins, Greens, Diamonds, Rough-scaleds)
  • Large Pythons (Black-headeds, Coastals, Olives)
  • Lizards (Small Dragons, Blue-tongues, Bearded Dragons)
  • Bro and Maria
  • Turtles
  • Reptile Hygiene
  • Reptile Trouble Shooting
  • About Snake Ranch
  • References
  • Feeding Cards
  • Acknowledgements

Chris Williams. 182 pages. 2014. Softcover. FREE POST!

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