The Complete Cricket Breeding Manual

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The Complete Cricket Breeding Manual is a comprehensive guide to breeding crickets as live food. After more than a decade of commercial production and experimentation, we have pioneered revolutionary techniques that have slashed maintenance, eliminated offensive odor and doubled production. How would you like automated systems that ;

• Needs no active management • Collects waste for you • Requires only 5 minutes maintenance every 7-10 days (less time than standing in line at the pet store) • Food/ water dispensers that attends to your insects for 14 days or more • Systems so productive that the average family will be able to feed 4-12 bearded dragons (depending of insect feeding rate) just from their scrap vegetables • That’s over $1400 each year completely free - good income for the family or teach your kids to build their own business • Best of all they are easy to build, and materials are made from recycled materials or from your hardware.

How do our systems work? In a nut shell, we have created two separate zones within a single container (conventional techniques require up to 6 separate containers); one high humidity area ideal for breeding; and a lower humidity area for housing and food/water. We have also developed a unique detritus collection system which collects the waste and prevents contamination of breeding substrate and food areas. This makes cleaning a breeze, eliminates odor and disease, increases egg viability and increases cricket production. We have water/food dispersers which do the feeds for you, even when your on holidays! Unlike other methods which need to be actively managed (daily spraying, and moving pinheads to new containers) our systems run themselves? And our cockroach breeding systems are equally unique at reducing maintenance and smells.Now you can breed both species with ease.

This manual sets the benchmark for cricket production and contains more than 164 pages (240 color photos) that cover’s every aspect of private and commercial production in detail. That’s more than twice the size of any other book on the market. We have overhauled every aspect of cricket production including; container design, breeding, food and water requirements; making food and water dispensers; heating; maintenance/pest management, cleaning; grading/selling. etc.

Glenn Kvassay. 164 pages. 2014. Softcover. ISBN - 9781494997120
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