Husbandry - Amphibians

Husbandry - Amphibians

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An Introduction to Keeping and Breeding Australian Reptiles

A brilliant new guide that provides basic information on the captive husbandry of Australian reptiles.


A Guide to Australian Frogs in Captivity

The long awaited title by Scott Eipper - the most up to date husbandry guide, completely dedicated to Australian frogs.


Captive Management and Conservation of Amphibians and Reptiles

An advanced title devoted to the captive care and breeding of herpetofauna, particularly threatened species.


Keeping Frogs

An essential guide to the husbandry of Australian frogs.


The Complete Opphaga pumilio: Biology, Ecology, Captive Husbandry

A complete account of the natural history and captive husbandry of Oophaga pumilio.


Breeding Food Animals: Live Food for Vivarium Animals

A comprehensive guide to producing live foods for captive reptiles.


The Genus Salamandra

A truly comprehensive guide to the tailed amphibians of the genus Salamandra.


Salamanders: Keeping and Breeding

A comprehensive guide to the keeping and breeding of salamanders.


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