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Parasitology in Snakes, Lizards and Chelonians - A Husbandry Guide

A fantastic guide to the detection, control and elimination of parasites in captive snakes, lizards and chelonians. A must have for any serious reptile keeper.


Snake Diseases - Preventing and Recognizing Illnesses

A brilliant veterinarian guide suited to keepers and veterinarians alike.


Automatic Dosing Calculator For Reptile Parasites (CD-ROM)

A simple yet useful CD used to calculate correct dosage rates


Reptile Clinicians Handbook - A Compact Clinical and Surgical Reference

A handy, pocket sized quick-reference book designed to aid the veterinarian without having to refer to a more thorough guide.


Reptile Medicine and Surgery - Second Edition (Mader)

The definitive veterinarian guide to the diagnosis and treatment of all reptile related ailments. Incredibly extensive title with many contributing authors.


Under The Microscope - Microscope Use and Pathogen Identifical in Birds and Reptiles

An affordable yet informative guide to the use of a microscope in the management of pathogens in a reptile or bird collection.


Current Therapy in Reptile Medicine and Surgery

Stay current with the latest advances in reptile and amphibian medicine with this new title from world reknowned herpetological veterinarian, Douglas Mader.


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