African Flapshell Turtles: Cyclanorbis and Cycloderma

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African Flapshell Turtles: Cyclanorbis and Cycloderma provides all available data on the four species of African Flapshell Turtle. Flapshell Turtles are unique in many ways. Since they differ remarkably from other soft-shelled turtles in aspects of behaviour and morphology they are separated into two subfamilies. Their most fascinating and prominent feature, however, are the unique flaps above their hind extremities and tail. Another intriguing feature of these animals is their secretive lifestyle. The survival of these extreordinary animals may have been procured by exactly these features and behaviours for millions of years. Unfortunately we still know so little about the African flapshell turtles, that we would threaten them in their existance by one or the other activities caused by man.

Dieter Gramentz. 191 pages. 2008. Hardcover. ISBN - 9783899734638

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