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Australia's Dangerous Snakes - Identification, Biology and Envenoming

Australia’s Dangerous Snakes examines the biology, natural history, venom properties and bite treatment of medically important venomous marine and terrestrial snakes.


King Cobra: Natural History and Captive Management

The first publication devoted to the natural history and captive management of King Cobras.


Designer-Morphs: Western Hognose Snakes

The first and only complete guide to Western Hognose Snakes.


The Snakes of Java, Bali and the Surrounding Islands

A comprehensive account of the snakes of one of the most biodiverse areas in the world.>


Venomous Terrestrial Snakes of the Middle East

A comprehensive guide to the medically important venomous snakes of the Middle East.


The Snakes of Zimbabwe and Botswana

A complete guide to the snake fauna of Zimbabwe and Botswana with a technical component dedicated to the management of envenomation.


Snakes of India: A Field Guide

A comprehensive guide to the snakes of India, authored by world famous herpetology Rom Whitaker.


A Complete Guide to the Snakes of Southern Africa

This field guide is an essential title for anybody with an interest in the snakes of southern Africa.


Herpetofauna Mexicana Vol.I: Snakes of Mexico

A truly impressive account devoted to the snakes of Mexico.


Natural History of Neotropical Treeboas (Genus Corallus)

An exhaustive title devoted to Corallus, the Neotropical Treeboas.


Asian Pitvipers: Breeding Experience and Wildlife

A comprehensive guide to the natural history and captive husbandry of Asian pitvipers


Boas and Pythons of the World

An in depth account of the worlds pythons and boa species


Giant Snakes: A Natural History

An exciting new publication, co-authored by well known herpetologist Tom Crutchfield.


The Book of Snakes

A beautiful collector's piece that is both a significant resource for enthusiasts and scholars.


Venomous Snakes of Australia and Oceania (Terralog 18)

An exciting new photographic guide to the venomous snakes of Australia and Oceania!


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