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The Biology and Evolution of Australian Snakes

An essential title for anybody with more than a passing interest in Australian snakes. Incredibly detailed, it contains information on the evolutionary relationships of Australian Snakes, as well as more than 175 maps, graphs and photos. The bibliography


The Venomous Sea Snakes - A Comprehensive Bibliography

A comprehensive bibliography of published literature on all facets of Sea Snakes. Contains over 2800 entries.


A Guide to the Rock Rattlesnakes of the United States

A fantastic pictorial guide to the amazingly variable Rock Rattlesnakes of the US.


Venomous Snakes of Eurasia - Europe, Northern, Central and Western Asia (Terralog 16)

Another brilliant Terralog title, this time on the venomous snakes of Europe, as well as Northern, Western and Central Asia.


The Complete Carpet Python

Straight from the publishers of The Complete Chondro, comes the ultimate book on the captive care and breeding of Carpet Pythons!


The Complete Children's Python

The most thorough guide to the husbandry and breeding of all four species of Children's Pythons!


The Venomous Reptiles of the Western Hemisphere

An essential addition to any herpetologists library. This two-volume set is among the best herpetological books currently available.


The Snakes of the Lesser Sunda Islands (Nusa Tenggara), Indonesia

An extensive guide to the snakes of the Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia.


The Snakes of Thailand and Their Husbandry

A comprehensive guide to the snakes of Thailand and their husbandry.


Snakes and Snake Bite in Southern Africa

A practical, user-friendly guide to identification and first aid treatment of snake bite in Africa.


What's That Snake? A Starter's Guide to Snakes of Southern Africa

An introduction to South African snake identification for for the newcomer to herpetology.


Old World Vipers: A Natural History of the Azemiopina and Viperinae

Old World Vipers is a comprehensive book that reflects the author's decades of experience with Old World vipers, but also mentions pitvipers as they share many attributes with true vipers in regard to appearance, habits and behaviour.


Guide and Reference to the Snakes of Western North America (North of Mexico) and Hawaii

A guide to the snake fauna of north-western America and Hawaii.


Snakes of the Orient: A Checklist

A complete list of the all species of snakes of the Orient.


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