Black Python - Morelia boeleni

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Black Python - Morelia boeleni provides an absolute wealth of information on one of the most mysterious species of pythons known to man. These large pythons, sometimes approaching 4 metres in length, occur in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, and were only discovered in 1953. They have been collected for the pet trade for decades, however legitimate cases of captive reproduction are virtually unheard of. This species harbours many secrets, about both its natural history and captive husbandry. This title features the following -
  • Many fantastic colour photographs, including images of wild “in-situ” pythons, habitat, enclosures, husbandry techniques and medical problems
  • Reproductions of previously published papers
  • Contributions from notable herpetologists such as Mark O’Shea, Bill Love, Karl Switak, Romulus Whitaker, John Weigel and Bernd Eidenmuller.
  • Habitat information
  • Husbandry information
  • Natural history information
  • Taxonomical history
  • Conservation information
This book was met with rave reviews and commendations. It is an incredibly comprehensive book dedicated to the most mysterious species of python in the world.

Ari R. Flagle and Erik D. Stoops. 162 pages. 2009. Hardcover. ISBN – 9783930612864.
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