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Snakes of Western Queensland - A Field Guide

A detailed, affordable handbook covering the snakes of Western QLD - complimented by a host of brilliant photographs!


A Guide to the Snakes of Pakistan

A quality field guide to the snakes of Pakistan. Includes a significant section on cultural importance of snakes, and also on snakebite.


Venomous Snakes of Asia (Terralog 14)

A brilliant overview detailing the natural history, localities and captive husbandry requirements of the venomous snakes of Asia.


The Snakes of Europe

A long overdue guide to Europe's snakes, compiled by Guido Kreiner.


A Photographic Guide to the Snakes and Other Reptiles of East Africa

A great pocket guide to the herpetofauna of Southern Africa.


Venomous Snakes of Africa (Terralog 15)

This volume of Terralog is an extensive guide to the venomous snakes of Africa, featuring almost 500 colour photographs.


The More Complete Chondro

An essential guide to one of the most popular species of python in captivity - the Green Tree Python.


The Complete Ball Python

An extensive guide to Ball Pythons in captivity.


Biology of Boas and Pythons

The culmination of a world first symposium on the biology of Boas and Pythons, this reference book is an essential title to anybody involved with research on Boidae and Pythonidae.


Black Python - Morelia boeleni

An amazingly comprehensive and complete guide to the most mysterious species of python in the world - the Black Python.


Neotropical Tree Boas

An extensive guide to the four species of Neotropical Tree Boas.


Sea Snakes

Written by famous Australian herpetologist Harold Heatwole, this guide to Sea Snakes answers many questions about their existence.


Snake Venoms and Envenomations

An extensive guide to envenomations, venoms and the emergence of various diagnostic and pharmaceutical products derived from them.


Tales of Giant Snakes: A Historical Natural History of Anacondas and Pythons

'Tales of Giant Snakes' provides information on the history of the four species of pythons known to exceed 20 feet, from both a factual point of view, as well as exaggerated recollections of explorers, missionaries and scientists over the last 200 years.


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