The Lizards of Iran

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The Lizards of Iran details the lizard fauna of Iran, which is quite diverse and includes representatives of eight families: Agamidae (20 species), Anguidae (2), Eublepharidae (3), Gekkonidae (39), Lacertidae (42), Scincidae (14), Uromastycidae (3), and Varanidae (2). This book contains sections on the history of herpetological studies in Iran; the biogeography of Iranian lizards; illustrated keys to families, genera, and species; an extensive bibliography of Iranian amphibians and reptiles; and appendices listing specimens examined and a gazetteer collecting localities. Detailed species accounts include synonymy, diagnosis, colour pattern, size, natural history, habitat, distribution, and remarks. This book is set to become a valuable reference on the lizards of Iran and adjacent regions.

Steven C. Anderson. 441 pages. 1999. Hardcover. ISBN - 0916984494

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