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Lizards of Borneo: A Pocket Guide

A basic guide to the lizards inhabiting Borneo and its offshore islands.


Lizards of Sri Lanka

An incredibly detailed field guide to the lizards of Sri Lanka.


Agamid Lizards of Southern Asia (Terralog 7b)

Volume 7b details the agamid lizards of southern Asia, from the subfamily Leiolepidinae.


The Lizards of Italy and Adjacent Areas

A thorough guide to the lizards of Italy and the surrounding areas, complimented by many quality illustrations and relevant information.


Gecko Fauna of the USSR and Contiguous Regions

A comprehensive guide to the gecko species of the former Soviet Union, parts of Asia, Europe and northern Africa.


Geckos of Madagascar, the Seychelles, Comoros and Mascarene Islands (Terralog 12)

A guide to the unique geckos of the islands of the western Indian Ocean.


Monitor Lizards - Natural History, Captive Care and Breeding

An essential title on the natural history, captive husbandry and breeding of all Varanids.


Lizards - Volume 1 & 2

A complete guide to the natural history, distribution and husbandry requirements of all lizard species. Two volumes.


Goannas - The Biology of Varanid Lizards

An easy-to-read account on the biology of Australian Monitors. Rich with information, photographs and knowledge, this is a great book for anybody with an interest in Goannas.


The Biology and Evolution of Australian Lizards

An authoritative account of the biology of Australian lizards, written by highly-esteemed herpetology Allan Greer.


Lizards of the Orient: A Checklist

A checklist to the lizard fauna of the Orient.


The Venomous Reptiles of the Western Hemisphere

An essential addition to any herpetologists library. This two-volume set is among the best herpetological books currently available.


Lizards of Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and their Adjacent Archipelagos

This title is a comprehensive study of this groups natural history and distribution, lavishly illustrated by the authors well known photographic skills.


Chameleons of Southern Africa

An overview of the 160 species of chameleons of southern Africa.


The Lizards of Iran

A complete guide to the many lizards species native to Iran.


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