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Dictionary of Herpetology

As the title suggests, Dictionary of Herpetology is a comprehensive guide to all herpetological terms and concepts.


The Reptile Skin: A Key-feature in the Identification of Lizards and Snakes

The Reptile Skin is devoted to assisting in the identification of reptiles via skin, skinning procedures and protective measures.


The Serpent's Tongue: A Contribution to the Ethnoherpetology of India and Adjacent Countries

A complete guide to the taxonomy and nomenclature of India's reptile species.


The Venomous Reptiles of the Western Hemisphere

An essential addition to any herpetologists library. This two-volume set is among the best herpetological books currently available.


Biogeography of the Reptiles of South Asia

An analysis of the reptile fauna of South Asia.


A Contribution to the Herpetology of Northern Pakistan

A useful guide to the herpetofauna of the Margalla Hills National Park region.


Herpetological Bibliography of Indonesia

A complete bibliographical reference to the herpetofauna of Indonesia.


Natural History of West Indian Reptiles and Amphibians

A comprehensive guide to the natural history of West Indian amphibians and reptiles.


Ecology, Conservation and Status of Reptiles in Canada

Dedicated to the ecology and conservation of Canada's reptiles.


Urban Herpetology

Urban Herpetology is a compilation of many papers pertaining to the herpetofauna found living sympatrically with humans.


Conservation of Mesoamerican Amphibians and Reptiles

This title represents the most comprehensive compilation of conservation-related herpetological contributions ever assembled for Mesoamerica.


Contributions to West Indian Herpetology

A tribute to Albert Schwartz (1923-1992), who published 195 papers dealing with the West Indian herpetofauna and described more new taxa than anyone who has worked in the area.


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