Crocodilians - Their Natural History and Captive Husbandry

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Crocodilians - Their Natural History and Captive Husbandry provides a wealth of new and old information about all aspects of Crocodilians (evolution, taxonomy, physiology, anatomy, behaviour, ecology, feeding, attacks on humans, conservation, management, sustainable use) and will be of value to anyone with a professional or amateur interst in crocodilians. The first hand experience and new knowledge about captive husbnadry will be invaluable to to those with an interest in this area. What makes this book special is that in addition to the authors being experts in crocodilian science, which they compile and present with great clarity, they are all experienced keepers of crocodilians. This growing interest group, united by the enjoyment of caring for and being close to crocodilians, is rapidly becoming a key player in general research and more importantly, in the conservation of wild crocodilian populations threatened with extinction. The energy and commitment within this growing cadre of people is remarkable. They value crocodilians for new reasons, but because they value them, they put resources into their conservation. This book is a monumental achievement to be found nowhere else!

Ludwig Trutnau and Ralf Sommerland. 646 pages. 2006. Hardcover. ISBN - 9781885209207

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