A Life for Reptiles and Amphibians: Volume One

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Life for Reptiles and Amphibians: Volume One features 55 interviews with herpetologists from all over the world. They vary greatly in age, experience, specialisation and interests, giving us a representative cross-section of the extremely differentiated world of herpetology. These questions want to explore the lives of the interviewed, their jobs, and their activities in both the past and the present, the studies they have conducted, how their enthusiasm for herps was born, the difficulties they have encountered on their way and much more. They also have the goal of inducing the interviewee to tell us about their field trips, to provide young people wanting to become herpetologists with some advice, and to discover what is their idea of herpetology as well as what they think of herpetoculture.

Interviewees: Kraig Adler (USA), Ross A. Alford (USA/Australia), Natalia B. Ananjeva (Russia), Franco Andreone (Italy), Mark Auliya (Germany), Sherif Baha El Din (Egypt), Serge Bogaerts (The Netherlands), Wolfgang Bohme (Germany), William R. Branch (UK/South Africa), Donald G. Broadley (UK/Zimbabwe), Massimo Capula (Italy), Miguel Angel Carretero (Spain), Lawan Chanhome (Thailand), Alan Channing (UK/South Africa), Fabio German Cupul-Magana (Mexico), Alain Dubois (France), Gerardo Garcia-Herrero (Spain/UK), Varad Giri ((India), Richard Griffiths (UK) , Harold Heatwole (USA), Ivan Ineich (France), Sergius L. Kuzmin (Russia), Axel Kwet (Germany), Michael Lannoo (USA), Benedetto Lanza (Italy), Edgar Lehr (Germany/USA), Stefan Lotters (Germany), Inigo Martinez-Solano Gonzalez (Spain), Masafumi Matsui (Japan), Vincenzo Mercurio (Italy/Germany), Russell A. Mittermeier (USA), Christian Neumann (Germany), Goran Nilson (Sweden), Annemarie Ohler (Austria/France), Nikolay Orlov (Russia), Mark O'Shea (UK), Valentin Perez-Mellado (Spain), Daniel Pincheira-Donoso (Chile/UK), Anders Rhodin (Sweden/USA), Mark-Oliver Rodel (Germany), Sergei Ryabov (Russia), Andreas Schluter (Germany), Richard Shine (Australia), Ruchira Somaweera (Sri Lanka/ Australia), Miguel Trefaut Rodrigues (Portugal/Brazil), Peter Uetz (Germany/USA), Miguel Vences (Germany), Nicolas Vidal (France), Gernot Vogel (Germany), David B. Wake (USA), Yehudah Werner (Israel), Wolfgang Wuster (Germany/UK), Xu Xing (China), Zhao Ermi (China), Ziegler Thomas (Germany).

Fabrizio Li Vigni. 495 pages. Hardcover. 2013. ISBN - 9783899731996
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