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A Guide to the Frogs and Toads of Belize

A Guide to the Frogs and Toads of Belize is the first guide to the amphibians of this region.


Amphibians of Peninsular India

An affordable guide to the 72 species of amphibians on peninsular India.


Amphibian Declines: The Conservation Status of the United States Species

This benchmark volume documents in comprehensive detail a major environmental crisis: rapidly declining amphibian populations


Hylid Frogs of Middle America

A complete, comprehensive account of all 165 hylid frog species from Middle America, in two volumes.


The Complete Opphaga pumilio: Biology, Ecology, Captive Husbandry

A complete account of the natural history and captive husbandry of Oophaga pumilio.


Building Frog Friendly Gardens

An Australian guide to the construction of frog friendly gardens and backyards.


Malformed Frogs: The Collapse of Aquatic Ecosystems

A detailed investigation into the potential cause of malformed frogs.


Salamanders and Newts of Europe, North America and Western Asia (Terralog 21)

Portraying the tailed amphibians of Europe, North Africa, and western Asia, this is the first volume of the Terralog series to be dedicated to a group of amphibians.


The Systematics and Zoogeography of the Amphibia of Borneo

A comprehensive monograph devoted to the amphibians of Borneo


Studies on Anomalies in Natural Populations of Amphibians

Natural Populations of Amphibians of Mertensiella provides the first comprehensive global review of the occurrence of anomalies in natural populations of amphibians and of the types of anomalies that have been evoked by experimental exposure to the potential causative factors of anomalies in natural populations.


The Genus Salamandra

A truly comprehensive guide to the tailed amphibians of the genus Salamandra.


Salamanders: Keeping and Breeding

A comprehensive guide to the keeping and breeding of salamanders.


A Field Guide to Frogs of Australia - From Port Augusta to Fraser Island, including Tasmania

Identify all the frogs hopping and croaking their way around Australia.


A Field Guide to the Frogs of Borneo - Third Edition

A comprehensive guide to the more than 180 species of amphibians of Borneo.


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