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A Complete Guide to Frogs of Australia

A Complete Guide to Frogs of Australia provides a detailed account of all 246 currently recognised species and subspecies of Australian amphibians.


Wet Forest Frogs of South East Queensland (waterproof)

A waterproof guide to the frogs of South-East Queensland based rainforest and wet sclerophyll bushland.


Field Guide to Frogs of Western Australia

Co-written by Australia's prominent authority on frogs, Mike Tyler, this new title is a comprehensive guide to over 80 frog species in Western Australia.


Field Guide to Frogs of Australia

This comprehensive field guide, co-authored by Australian amphibian authority Mike Tyler, details all species of native frogs. Includes quality illustrations and relevant information.


Rainforest Frogs of the Wet Tropics - North East Australia

A complete guide to the 33 species of frog found in the Wet Tropics of North-East Queensland.


Systematics and Zoogeography of Philippine Amphibia

This is a detailed account of amphibians of the Philippines.


Amphibians of Malawi

Based on the authors doctoral thesis, this title provides a complete account of the frogs of Malawi.


Frog Search: Results of Expeditions to Southern and Eastern Africa

An interesting title providing information on the authors experience in Africa.


Australian Frogs - A Natural History

An essential, easy-to-read guide to the natural history of Australia's frogs.


Amphibians of Central and Southern Africa

An incredibly comprehensive guide to the amphibians of central and southern Africa.


Field Guide to the Amphibians of the Eastern Arc Mountains and Coastal Forests of Tanzania and Kenya

An essential guide to the amphians of one of Africa's most biodiverse hotspots.


Frogs of the Lake Eyre Basin - A Field Guide

A quality guide to the amphibians of the Lake Eyre Basin in QLD, NT, NSW and SA.


Field Guide to the Frogs of Queensland

Field Guide to the Frogs of Queensland provides a comprehensive photographic guide to the 132 species of frogs in Queensland, Australia’s most species-rich state.


Frogs of South Australia - Third Edition

Frogs of South Australia is authored by Australia's most prevalent authority on amphibians, Michael J Tyler.


Green Guide: Frogs of Australia

Frogs of Australia is part of the Green Guide range, a series of books created for readers of all ages.


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