A Gude to the Reptiles of the Eastern Palearctic

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A Guide to the Reptiles of the Eastern Paelarctic catalogs the entire documented database of herpetofauna in the former Soviet Union. It is an extensive title, that includes information on over 160 species of reptiles. Each species is provided with details of their general distribution, type locality, reproduction, growth rates (including ontogenetic, sexual and geographical variances), ecology and behaviour (including densities, total number, daily and seasonal activity patterns, temperature relations, shedding cycles, diet etc), as well as conservation status, taxonomic notes, sub-species details and a practical guide to relevant literature.

This is a brilliant field guide for a peculiar area, and whilst it may not be a useful reference for many people, it is a great example of a well written field guide.

Nikolai Szczerbak. 260 pages. 2003. Hardcover. ISBN - 9781575240046

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