Turtles of the World: Volume 5 - Australia and Oceania (Terralog 5)

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Turtles of the World, Volume 5: Australia and Oceania is a portrayal of the chelonians of Australia and Oceania and is the final volume in this series. The geographic range covered in this book includes Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand and the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Australia and New Guinea are home to numerous species of the genus Chelodina (widely known as snake-necked turtles), but also to unique species such as the Pig-nosed Turtle or the Mary River Turtle.

With a total of 400 colour photographs and colour distribution maps for all species, this volume of Terralog is a unique reference for everyone – from the hobbyist to the scientist. This makes it a fascinating photographic overview of the amazing diversity of Australian and Oceanian turtles.

Holger Vetter. 2018. 144 pages. Hardcover. ISBN - 9783930612994
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