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Snakes of the Orient: A Checklist

A complete list of the all species of snakes of the Orient.


The Snakes of the Moluccas (Maluku), Indonesia

A thorough field guide to the 49 species of snakes native to the Moluccas.


The Snakes of Sulawesi: A Field Guide to the Land Snakes of Sulawesi with Identification Keys

A technical field guide to the snake fauna of Sulawesi, complete with keys.


Amphibians of Peninsular India

An affordable guide to the 72 species of amphibians on peninsular India.


Guidelines for the Management of Snake-bites (South-east Asia)

An authoritative, techincal manual to the treatment of snakebite in South-east Asia.


Agamid Lizards of Southern Asia Volume 1 (Terralog 7a)

The first of two volumes on this topic, this edition is devoted to the subfamily Draconinae.


The Systematics and Zoogeography of the Amphibia of Borneo

A comprehensive monograph devoted to the amphibians of Borneo


A Field Guide to the Snakes of Borneo: 2nd Edition

An updated field guide to the snake fauna of Borneo


The Natural History of Amphibians and Reptiles in Sabah: 2nd Edition

A review of the rich herpetofauna of Borneo, including some of its less conspicuous members. Includes frogs, lizards, snakes, turtles and crocodiles.


Reptile Life in the Land of Israel

A comprehensive account of the herpetofauna of Israel.


The Snakes of Java, Bali and the Surrounding Islands

A comprehensive account of the snakes of one of the most biodiverse areas in the world.>


Venomous Terrestrial Snakes of the Middle East

A comprehensive guide to the medically important venomous snakes of the Middle East.


A Field Guide to the Frogs of Borneo - Third Edition

A comprehensive guide to the more than 180 species of amphibians of Borneo.


Snakes of India: A Field Guide

A comprehensive guide to the snakes of India, authored by world famous herpetology Rom Whitaker.


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