Turtles of the World: Volume 3 - Central and South America (Terralog 3)

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Turtles of the World: Volume 3 - Central and South America covers all of the (many!) species of turtles and tortoises that occur in Central and South America, including the impressive Galapagos tortoises and the family Chelidae. It serves as supplement to volume two by presenting the remaining members of the genera Chelydra, Kinosternon, Rhinoclemmys, Terrapene, and Trachemys. Where possible, more than one individual is shown, as well as photos of their habitat, sexual dimorphism, peculiarities of the carapace and plastron, mating, oviposition, hatching, and juveniles. Descriptive symbols of their captive needs appear for each species. With 500 colour photographs and colour distribution maps for all species, this volume of Terralog is a unique reference for everyone, from the hobbyist to the scientist. It presents a fascinating insight into the amazing diversity of Central and South American turtles and tortoises.

Holger Vetter. 128 pages. 2005. Hardcover. ISBN - 9783930612826

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