Sea Turtles of Hawaii

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Sea Turtles of Hawaii is a fantastically illustrated title detailing the natural history and conservation efforts of the sea turtles of Hawaii. Revered by Hawaiians since ancient times, and playing an important role in their culture, Green Sea Turtles were reduced to dangerously low numbers by commercial fishing before gaining protection as a threatened species under federal law.

Born and raised in Hawaii, author Patrick Ching has long admired these turtles that "fly through the sea." As a ranger for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Ching studied the honu closely, living within the turtles' nesting grounds on the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. This book, written for readers of all ages, includes fascinating information on the natural history of the sea turtle species that occur in Hawaiian waters. It is generously illustrated with excellent photographs and Ching's own illustrations. The author's primary focus is on life history, breeding biology, and conservation of the honu, Hawai'i's most prominent sea turtle.

Patrick Ching, George Balazs (Science Advisor). 58 pages. 2001. Hardcover. ISBN - 9780824824341

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