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Turtles of the World: Volume 2 - North America (Terralog 2)

Terralog brings you this fantastic guide to the many species of North American Turtles, with information on their habitat, identification, captive husbandry and breeding.


Turtles of the World: Volume 3 - Central and South America (Terralog 3)

Terralog bring this guide to the turtles and tortoises of Central and South America, including the impressive Galapagos tortoises. Over 500 colour photographs and colour distribution maps are included.


Chelonian Library Volume Three: South American Tortoises

Volume three of four, detailing the species of South American tortoises.


North American Box Turtles: A Natural History

This volumes includes comprehensive information on the species evolution, behaviour, courtship and reproduction, habitat use, diet, population structure, systematics and disease.


The Complete North American Box Turtle

A comprehensive compilation of work devoted to the North American Box Turtle.


Sea Turtles of Hawaii

Sea Turtles of Hawaii is a fantastically illustrated title detailing the natural history and conservation efforts of the sea turtles of Hawaii.


Status and Conservation of Turtles of the Northeastern United States

A valuable summary of the alarming decline of all turtle species in this area of the US.


A Guide to the Rock Rattlesnakes of the United States

A fantastic pictorial guide to the amazingly variable Rock Rattlesnakes of the US.


Reptiles and Amphibians of the Southern Pine Woods

A comprehensive guide to the species of herpetofauna of this geographical area.


The Venomous Reptiles of the Western Hemisphere

An essential addition to any herpetologists library. This two-volume set is among the best herpetological books currently available.


Ecology, Conservation and Status of Reptiles in Canada

Dedicated to the ecology and conservation of Canada's reptiles.


Guide and Reference to the Snakes of Western North America (North of Mexico) and Hawaii

A guide to the snake fauna of north-western America and Hawaii.


Handbook of Lizards: Lizards of the United States and of Canada

A comprehensive guide to the lizard fauna of the United States.


Introduction to Horned Lizards of North America

An exhaustive title devoted to all species of North American horned lizards.


The Iguanid Lizards of Cuba

A comprehensive guide to the Iguana's of Cuba.


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