Giant Tortoises of the Indian Ocean

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Giant Tortoises of the Indian Ocean tells the story of the author's scientific and conservation work with giant tortoises as well as giving an authoritative account of all the species. Giant tortoises are the longest living animals in the world. Even though they have vanished from their original home, it could be that individuals by now approaching or passing their centenaries might still survive living lonely in zoos or private collections. If only they could be identified they might be brought together and persuaded in their old age to mate. Justin Gerlach the author of this book was born and bred in the Seychelles and is a dedicated scientist and conservationist. This book is the story of his remarkable work. Contains many colour and black and white photographs, line drawings and graphs.

Justic Gerlach. 208 pages. 2004. Hardcover. ISBN - 9783930612635

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