Amphibians of East Africa

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Amphibians of East Africa is a field guide and reference book about the amphibians of East Africa, with very comprehensive species accounts. They include a statement of description, known habitat preferences and distribution, advertisement call, and breeding biology. If known, the characteristics of tadpoles are provided in their own chapter. The authors explain the meanings of the amphibians' scientific names and list local names and other common names. A section of notes and a guide to key references for further reading complete each species account. The frogs found in this volume include representatives from 8 families: squeakers (Arthroleptidae), toads (Bufonidae), snout-burrowers (Hemisotidae), tree frogs (Hyperoliidae), narrow-mouthed frogs (Microhylidae), clawed frogs (Pipidae), common frogs (Ranidae), and foam-nest frogs (Rhacophoridae). The East African caecilians are from the families Caeciliidae and Scolecomorphidae.

Alan Channing and Kim M. Howell. 418 pages. 2006. Hardcover. ISBN - 9783930612536

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