A Guide to the Reptiles of Southern Africa

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A Guide to the Reptiles of Southern Africa draws on the latest scientific research, with the authors introducing the book with a discussion of reptile identification, diversity, biology, distribution patterns, and where to find and observe them, as well as unraveling the facts and fallacies of snakebites.

Written in a lively and accessible way, the subsequent chapters offer insight into:

  • Identification to group level, with an inclusive list of related species
  • A detailed description of appearance, together with colorful images
  • Biology and behavior of each group
  • Conservation status of species
  • Reproduction details

Distribution informative panels provide key information at a glance, with a distribution map and clear icons giving typical habitat and period of activity. A wealth of full-colour photographs throughout brings the subject matter vividly to life. This book will appeal to all wildlife enthusiasts, both professional and amateur, and will prove to be a valuable guide in the field.

Graham Alexander and Johan Marais. 408 pages. 2008. Softcover. ISBN - 9781770073869

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