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The Amphibians and Reptiles of Oman and the UAE

A comprehensive guide to the diverse herpetofauna of Oman and the United Arab Emirates.


The Amphibians and Reptiles of Ethiopia and Eritrea

An extensive summary of the herpetofauna of Ethiopia and Eritrea.


Amphibians of Malawi

Based on the authors doctoral thesis, this title provides a complete account of the frogs of Malawi.


Frog Search: Results of Expeditions to Southern and Eastern Africa

An interesting title providing information on the authors experience in Africa.


A Photographic Guide to the Snakes and Other Reptiles of East Africa

A great pocket guide to the herpetofauna of Southern Africa.


Chelonian Library Volume One: Leopard and African Spurred Tortoise

Volume one of four, detailing information on Leopard and African Spurred Tortoises.


Turtles of the World: Volume 1 - Africa, Europe and Western Asia (Terralog 1)

A guide to the turtles and tortoises of Africa, Europe and Western Easia. Features over 450 colour photographs.


Giant Tortoises of the Indian Ocean

An essential guide to the giant tortoises of the Indian Ocean.


Geckos of Madagascar, the Seychelles, Comoros and Mascarene Islands (Terralog 12)

A guide to the unique geckos of the islands of the western Indian Ocean.


Venomous Snakes of Africa (Terralog 15)

This volume of Terralog is an extensive guide to the venomous snakes of Africa, featuring almost 500 colour photographs.


African Flapshell Turtles: Cyclanorbis and Cycloderma

A complete reference guide to the African Flapshell Turtles.


Amphibians of Central and Southern Africa

An incredibly comprehensive guide to the amphibians of central and southern Africa.


A Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians of Israel

A modern, detailed guide to Israeli herpetofauna.


A Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of Egypt

A thorough guide to the herpetofauna of Egypt.


What's That Reptile? A Starter's Guide to Reptiles of Southern Africa

An introductory guide to the reptiles of southern Africa, aimed at newcomers to herpetology.


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