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Reptile Clinicians Handbook - A Compact Clinical and Surgical Reference

A handy, pocket sized quick-reference book designed to aid the veterinarian without having to refer to a more thorough guide.


Reptile Medicine and Surgery - Second Edition (Mader)

The definitive veterinarian guide to the diagnosis and treatment of all reptile related ailments. Incredibly extensive title with many contributing authors.


Under The Microscope - Microscope Use and Pathogen Identifical in Birds and Reptiles

An affordable yet informative guide to the use of a microscope in the management of pathogens in a reptile or bird collection.


Biology of Boas and Pythons

The culmination of a world first symposium on the biology of Boas and Pythons, this reference book is an essential title to anybody involved with research on Boidae and Pythonidae.


Black Python - Morelia boeleni

An amazingly comprehensive and complete guide to the most mysterious species of python in the world - the Black Python.


Dictionary of Herpetology

As the title suggests, Dictionary of Herpetology is a comprehensive guide to all herpetological terms and concepts.


Herpetological History of the Zoo and Aquarium World

James Murphy follows the history of herpetology in the zoo and aquarium industry.


Ecology Of Reptiles

This authoritative title details the environmental relationships between reptiles and their environment in Australia.


The Reptile Skin: A Key-feature in the Identification of Lizards and Snakes

The Reptile Skin is devoted to assisting in the identification of reptiles via skin, skinning procedures and protective measures.


Neotropical Tree Boas

An extensive guide to the four species of Neotropical Tree Boas.


Rattlesnake Adventures: Hunting With the Oldtimers

A brilliant book full of excepts from previous publications that have been out of print for 75+ years. It provides the reader with stories of famous 'old' American herpetologists, such as Raymond Ditmars and Carl Kauffeld, as they search for Rattlesnakes.


Sea Snakes

Written by famous Australian herpetologist Harold Heatwole, this guide to Sea Snakes answers many questions about their existence.


Snake Venoms and Envenomations

An extensive guide to envenomations, venoms and the emergence of various diagnostic and pharmaceutical products derived from them.


Snakes Alive! Snake Experts and Antidote Sellers of Australia

An addicting title on the many characters who risked (and often lost) their lives demonstrating snakes and 'proving' antidotes on Australia's fairground circuit in the first half of the 1900's.


Snakes and Their Ways

Originally written around 75 years ago, Snakes and Their Ways provides information on the appearance, habitats and habits of American snakes. It also goes into great detail with regards to addressing and dispelling myths purported by religion and folklore.


Snakes of the World - Synopsis of Snake Generic Names Vol. 1

An important reference book for anybody working with snake taxonomy. It provides information on both the valid and invalid generic names of all snake species.


Tales of Giant Snakes: A Historical Natural History of Anacondas and Pythons

'Tales of Giant Snakes' provides information on the history of the four species of pythons known to exceed 20 feet, from both a factual point of view, as well as exaggerated recollections of explorers, missionaries and scientists over the last 200 years.


The Biology and Evolution of Australian Snakes

An essential title for anybody with more than a passing interest in Australian snakes. Incredibly detailed, it contains information on the evolutionary relationships of Australian Snakes, as well as more than 175 maps, graphs and photos. The bibliography


The Venomous Sea Snakes - A Comprehensive Bibliography

A comprehensive bibliography of published literature on all facets of Sea Snakes. Contains over 2800 entries.


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