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Keeping and Breeding Australian Lizards

An essential guide to the captive husbandry and breeding of Australian lizards, compiled by the most well known and successful lizard breeders in Australia.


Keeping and Breeding Australian Pythons

An essential guide devoted to the captive breeding of Australian pythons.


Keeping Australian Geckos

An essential title for new and experienced gecko keepers.


Keeping Bearded Dragons

A guide to the husbandry of Australian Bearded Dragons.


Keeping Blue-tongue Lizards

An essential guide to the captive husbandry of Blue Tongue Lizards.


Monitor Lizards - Natural History, Captive Care and Breeding

An essential title on the natural history, captive husbandry and breeding of all Varanids.


The More Complete Chondro

An essential guide to one of the most popular species of python in captivity - the Green Tree Python.


Crocodilians - Their Natural History and Captive Husbandry

A comprehensive guide to the natural history and captive management of Crocodilians.


Lizards - Volume 1 & 2

A complete guide to the natural history, distribution and husbandry requirements of all lizard species. Two volumes.


Crested Geckos in Captivity

An essential guide to a relatively new genera of gecko in captivity.


The Complete Ball Python

An extensive guide to Ball Pythons in captivity.


The Turtles of Russia and other Ex-Soviet Republics

An informative guide that includes information on keeping and breeding turtles, diseases and treatments, ecology, nature reserves, conservation, pet trade and other anthropogenic factors.


Stump-tailed Chameleons: Minature Dragons of the Rainforest

A complete guide to the little-known genera Brookesia and Rhampholeon, the Stump-tailed Chameleons.


Parasitology in Snakes, Lizards and Chelonians - A Husbandry Guide

A fantastic guide to the detection, control and elimination of parasites in captive snakes, lizards and chelonians. A must have for any serious reptile keeper.


Snake Diseases - Preventing and Recognizing Illnesses

A brilliant veterinarian guide suited to keepers and veterinarians alike.


Veterinary Guide to Parasites of Reptiles (2 volumes)

A two volume set detailing the diagnosis and treatment of both exoparasites and endoparasites.


Amphibian Medicine and Captive Husbandry

This authoritative title fills a large void that existed for both the veterinarian and husbandry aspects of amphibian care. It is fully ilustrated, and contains many figures and tables.


Automatic Dosing Calculator For Reptile Parasites (CD-ROM)

A simple yet useful CD used to calculate correct dosage rates


Keeping Long-necked Turtles

A great introduction to the captive requirements of Long-Necked Turtles.


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