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Asian Pitvipers: Breeding Experience and Wildlife

A comprehensive guide to the natural history and captive husbandry of Asian pitvipers


Boas and Pythons of the World

An in depth account of the worlds pythons and boa species


Proceedings of the 2015 Interdisciplinary World Conference on Monitor Lizards

The 2015 Interdisciplinary World Conference on Monitor Lizards was held in Bangkok, Thailand. This title details the presentations and talks delivered.


Lizards in an Evolutionary Tree: Ecology and Adaptive Radiation of Anoles

Jonathan B. Losos illustrates how different scientific approaches to the questions of adaptation and diversification can be integrated and examines evolutionary and ecological questions of interest to a broad range of biologists.



Frillneck! is devoted to the iconic Frilled-neck Dragons of Australia and New Guinea


Biology of Gila Monsters and Beaded Lizards

The first comprehensive treatment of the biology of the Monstersauria in nearly 50 years.


Conservation of Mesoamerican Amphibians and Reptiles

This title represents the most comprehensive compilation of conservation-related herpetological contributions ever assembled for Mesoamerica.


Contributions to West Indian Herpetology

A tribute to Albert Schwartz (1923-1992), who published 195 papers dealing with the West Indian herpetofauna and described more new taxa than anyone who has worked in the area.


The Hawkesbury Herpetologist: Retrospective

An insight into one of Australia's most enduring herpetological society publications


Giant Snakes: A Natural History

An exciting new publication, co-authored by well known herpetologist Tom Crutchfield.


Amphibians and Reptiles in Bulgaria

Amphibians and Reptiles in Bulgaria is a marvelous, well-designed full-colour guide to the Bulgarian amphibians and reptiles.


Reptiles of Papua New Guinea

This highly desirable and rarely available book is devoted to the herpetofauna of Papua New Guinea. Authored by prominent herpetologist Rom Whitaker, it's an essential title for reptile book collectors.


Chameleons of Africa: An Atlas

A magnificent, comprehensive and beautifully illustrated survey of these compelling animals, which have captivated the author since childhood.


The Book of Snakes

A beautiful collector's piece that is both a significant resource for enthusiasts and scholars.


Combo Deal - Keeping and Breeding Series!

Special Price - Save $75! Four of Australia's most popular reptile husbandry books for just $100 including post anywhere in Australia.


Venomous Snakes of Australia and Oceania (Terralog 18)

An exciting new photographic guide to the venomous snakes of Australia and Oceania!


A Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia

The most comprehensive field guide available for Australian reptiles.


A Guide to Snakes of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore

A comprehensive field guide to the snake fauna of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore.


A Photographic Guide to the Snakes of Java

A practical guide for the identification of the 89 snake species of Java, Indonesia.


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