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The Mary River Turtles: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow...

A reference to the Mary River Turtle of Australia.


Reptiles of British India (facsimile)

A facsimile of Gunther's 1864 "The Reptiles of British India".


Ecology, Conservation and Status of Reptiles in Canada

Dedicated to the ecology and conservation of Canada's reptiles.


Old World Vipers: A Natural History of the Azemiopina and Viperinae

Old World Vipers is a comprehensive book that reflects the author's decades of experience with Old World vipers, but also mentions pitvipers as they share many attributes with true vipers in regard to appearance, habits and behaviour.


The Lizards of Iran

A complete guide to the many lizards species native to Iran.


Guide and Reference to the Snakes of Western North America (North of Mexico) and Hawaii

A guide to the snake fauna of north-western America and Hawaii.


Handbook of Lizards: Lizards of the United States and of Canada

A comprehensive guide to the lizard fauna of the United States.


Amphibians and Reptiles of the Seribuat Archipelago

A comprehensive guide to the herpetofauna of Seribuat Archipelago.


Field Guide to the Amphibians of the Eastern Arc Mountains and Coastal Forests of Tanzania and Kenya

An essential guide to the amphians of one of Africa's most biodiverse hotspots.


Introduction to Horned Lizards of North America

An exhaustive title devoted to all species of North American horned lizards.


The Iguanid Lizards of Cuba

A comprehensive guide to the Iguana's of Cuba.


Amphibians and Reptiles of Texas

An incredibly comprehensive guide to the herpetofauna of Texas.


The Herpetology of Cuba

A facsimile of the 1919 edition of The Herpetology of Cuba.


Iguana Iguana: Guide for Successful Captive Care

Iguana Iguana is the foremost authority on the captive care of Green Iguanas.


Snakes of the Orient: A Checklist

A complete list of the all species of snakes of the Orient.


Turtles in Captivity

This title contains captive care information for many different species of freshwater turtles.


The Amphibians and Reptiles of El Salvador

A comprehensive guide to the herpetofauna of El Salvador.


Herp Nation Magazine Issue 11

The 11th edition of this rapidly growing magazine is out now, featuring articles on Boelen's Pythons, Mojave herping and Giant Salamanders.


A Practical Guide for Feeding Captive Reptiles

This title is devoted entirely to the feeding of captive herpetofauna - alternative foods, food propagation and much more.


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