Wildlife Management: Crocodiles and Alligators

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Wildlife Management: Crocodiles and Alligators; is a fresh and exciting look at the world's crocodilians and the ways in which they can and are being conserved. It brings together in a single volume, the technology for managing crocodilian populations which has developed throughout the world over the last twenty years. The latest developments in zoological research are combined with the realities of introducing management programmes in countries where food for captive crocodilians is needed for people.

The subjects range from the chemistry of crocodilian eggs and sex determination in embryos, to the ways in which populations of crocodiles and alligators are surveyed and studied. Management programmes are described which range from rescue operations, where crocodilians are in very low densities, to sophisticated harvest programmes where crocodiles and alligators are abundant. There is information on the archosaurial ancestry of crocodilians, and on the equally intriguing market-place for crocodilian skins. There is information on the distribution and status of living crocodilians and on the technology of crocodile farming.

The fifty authors who contributed to the book come from a wide range of disciplines, yet all are expert in one aspect of crocodilian biology and management or another. Most attended the international conference on crocodile conservation and management held in Darwin, in the Northern Territory of Australia, in 1985, where they presented their capters as papers. The conference is long over, but through this book the international experience and expertise of the authors is extended to the potential researcher and wildlife manager, who through choice or otherwise, becomes involved with crocodilians - relicts of a bygone age and truly the last of the ruling reptiles.

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