Varanoid Lizards (Terralog 6)

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Varanoid Lizards (Terralog 6) is dedicated to the monitors, beaded lizards and the monotypic family of the earless monitor belonging to the families Varanidae, Helodermatidae and Lanthanotidae. These lizards exhibit an enormous extent of diversity as to colour patterns, body sizes and inhabited natural habitats. Distributed from North and Central America, through Africa, to the Indo-Australian region, they are native to deserts, savannas, rainforests and mangroves. In addition to colour illustrations of all valid species and subspecies, this volume also contains photographs of natural habitats and juveniles. The pictograms accompanying each photo provide information on the terrarium requirements, natural habitat and dietary preferences of each species as a contribution towards successful captive husbandry and reproduction. A folding key to the pictogram symbols is provided at the end of the book. This is a photographic synopsis for both scientists and hobbyists, providing a unique insight into the amazing diversity of Varanoid lizards. Bilingual text in English and German.

Bernd Eidenmuller and Hans-Dieter Philippen. 148 pages. 2008. Hardcover. ISBN - 9783899733563

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