Urban Herpetology

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Urban Herpetology is a compilation of many papers pertaining to the herpetofauna found living sympatrically with humans. The publishers blurb is as follows -

"Human impacts on herpetofauna have been pervasive for millennia, largely through direct persecution of amphibians and reptiles for food or out of fear and through habitat alteration through agriculture. Only since the start of the industrial age has urbanisation caused essentially permanent loss of natural habitats and the subsequent impacts on these animals. Herpetologists in some parts of the world, notably Europe, Russia, Australia, and the United States have actively engaged in research to elucidate the impacts of this human-generated phenomenon. Yet, the pervasiveness and rate of urban sprawl is progressing at such a rapid pace that we have been unable to ameliorate or prevent population extirpation's and species declines. This, we believe, is partly a consequence of the lack of recognition of urban herpetology as a fruitful and critical endeavor. Our aim in this book is to show that studies of amphibians and reptiles in urban systems have much to offer scientists, conservation biologists, and land managers. We asked colleagues from countries around the world to submit original research papers or reviews on a wide variety of topics related to urban herpetology to illustrate this perception. The resulting 40 chapters and 13 case studies in this book will, we hope, set the stage for future research and conservation efforts around the world."

Joseph C. Mitchell, Robin E. Jung Brown and Breck Bartholomew. 608 pages. 2008. Hardcover. ISBN - 9780916984793

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