The Herpetology of Cuba

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The Herpetology of Cuba, Barbour and Ramsden's classic title published in 1919, was the first complete listing of the amphibians and reptiles of Cuba to include detailed descriptions of all species. The work remains an essential reference on the systematics, natural history, and biogeography of the herpetofauna of the largest and most diverse of the islands of the West Indies. Detailed accounts are provided for 70 species including 12 frogs and toads, 40 lizards, 2 amphibians, 13 snakes, 1 turtle, and 2 crocodiles. Among these are 5 new species descriptions (2 Sphaerodactylus and 3 Anolis).

This new facsimile edition includes an introduction by Rodolfo Ruibal of the University of California, placing the Herpetology of Cuba in its historical context and listing the current names for Barbour and Ramsden's species, facilitating the use of the book by modern workers.

Thomas Barbour and Charles T Ramsden. 200 pages. 2003 (facsimile of 1919 edition). Hardcover. ISBN - 0916984613

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