Snakes of the Americas: Checklist and Lexicon

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Snakes of the Americas: Checklist and Lexicon is a comprehensive checklist of all known snakes found in the New World, as well as a lexicon that lists all the common names, in several languages, of these snakes. The checklist gives information on snakes in all of the Americas through the subspecies level, as well as citations and distribution information. The lexicon, on an easy-to-use, searchable compact disk, includes common names in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Guarani, and other languages of the Americas, along with references. Included are North American, South American, Latin American, and Caribbean species. In addition to herpetologists and libraries, other disciplines also will find this work to be a valuable resource. An extensive bibliography is included.

Bob L. Tipton. Hardcover. 477 pages. 2005. ISBN - 9781575242156
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