Salamanders: Keeping and Breeding

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Salamanders: Keeping and Breeding is a generously illustrated and praxis orientated guidebook, authored by a team of experienced keepers and breeders, describing in detail the basics of successful keeping and breeding your tailed amphibians.

In more than 60 species accounts of newts, salamanders and even caecilians (Rubber Eels), the authors discuss individual particulars and point out what you must be aware of:

  • Anatomy and Ecology
  • Husbandry and Propagation
  • Preventing and Treating Disease
  • Detailed Species Accounts
  • Many useful How-to's
  • Richly illustrated with over 360 colour photographs

Franks Pasmans, Serge Bogaerts, Henry Janssen and Max Sparreboom. 2014. 248 pages. Hardcover. ISBN - 97838665929650
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