Reptile Clinicians Handbook - A Compact Clinical and Surgical Reference

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Reptile Clinicians Handbook is a pocket sized, spiral bound, "lay flat" designed book, with an upgraded cover for added durability. This title is an ideal quick reference guide for use in the field or hospital by the veterinary clinician or professional herpetologist. The informative text was compiled from Dr. Frye's two-volume set, Biomedical and Surgical Aspects of Captive Reptile Husbandry, to develop a "user-friendly" syllabus and drug formulary for instant reference. Features include examination techniques, specimen collection, laboratory processing, conversion tables, surgical and non-surgical procedures, tables of preferred diets, and drug formulary.

Fredric Frye. 288 pages. 1994. Softcover. ISBN - 0894647830
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