Gecko Fauna of the USSR and Contiguous Regions

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Gecko Fauna of the USSR and Contiguous Regions is the only comprehensive monograph on the Palearctic gecko fauna. The scope of the book encompasses the gecko fauna of the entire former Soviet Union and related species in surrounding regions including Mongolia, western China, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, through the entire Middle East to eastern Europe and northern Africa.

The contents includes a review of previous work and a discussion of the relationships among genera. The taxonomic accounts cover all aspects of systematics and general biology: type locality, karyotype, synonymy, diagnosis, description of holotype, colour and pattern, reproduction and growth rates, variation (ontogenetic, sexual, geographic), ecology and behaviour (daily, and seasonal activity patterns, natural predators, temperature relations, shedding, diet), and conservation. There are detailed lists of locality records and point locality distribution (or "spot") maps for each species. Keys are provided to genera, species and subspecies. The book is extensively illustrated and includes 24 colour photographs of Asian geckos.

Nikolai N. Szczerbak and Michael L. Golubev. 233 pages. 1996. Hardcover. ISBN - 0916984397

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