Frogs of the Lake Eyre Basin - A Field Guide

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Frogs of the Lake Eyre Basin - A Field Guide is a quality field guide published by Desert Channels Queensland. Designed to be useful to landowners, enthusiasts and profossionals alike, it contains a great deal more information than most localised field guides. The introduction covers information on the Lake Eyre Basin itself, including data on the bioregions. It also covers information on frog ecology and biology, as well as a segment on declining frog populations. However, the standout component of this title is obvious the frog identification section - it is split into three subsections (Hylidae, Myobatrachidae and Limnodynastidae) with a final section on the feral Cane Toad. Each species is devoted at least two pages - one page of text, with another with at least two half-page sized photographs of the species. Some species, such as Litoria rubella, have six half page photographs! Finally, the entire book is housed in a plastic protective sleeve, which is essential for any field guide involved with the identification of frogs in wet areas.

Michael J Tyler, Steve G Wilson and Angus Emmott. 140 pages. 2011. Softcover (with protective sleeve). ISBN - 9780646549705

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